Description: Delicate loop for solo piano, slow and meditative cadences. Atmosphere poignant, intimate and very sweet. Beautiful music for sophisticated images or videos.

Description: Looped track, gently flowing piano melody. Modern, pulsating but very understated electronica underscore. Blissful, reassuring and positive. Suitable for: background music, corporate and home videos, documentary, film, presentations, soundtracks, visualisation, webpage.

Description: Piano plays lush chords with subtle monophonic synthesizer in uplifting 57 second loop.

Description: Pop track, ethereal and pulsating. The piano melody stands out on a background of percussion, electric bass and synthesizers. The central part is dominated by a solo of electric guitar. Global sensation of positivity, energy and peace. Suitable for: background music, home videos, documentary, film, presentations, soundtracks, visualisation, webpage.

Description: An 82 second loop of sad piano motifs with a quicker animated bridge of subtle optimism.

Description: A simple piano solo track that exudes feelings of love and appreciation. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: Looping music based on Bach's Toccata and Fugue in d minor

Description: Solo piano plays melancholic 64 second loop with bridge, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration.

Description: Soft piano melody with rising chords and brass backing creates a soothing yet slight slightly emotional, romantic piano track. Useful background track for love or scenes of sadness with a classical contemporary theme.

Description: Emotional Piano with gentle string backing creates a dramatic sense of love, sorrow and emotional sadness. The soft, timely piano chord melody was designed to suggest someone leaving for the last time, or about to never been seen again. Very useful film production music for heroic scene conveying both positivity and negativity for an ideal film end scene.