Description: This is a positive hi tech electronic music short loop intro music composition in Depeche Mode style and tender dreamy piano and synth solo..This track can be used anywhere - as a music, background for websites, in games and movies, business projects, corporate videos, flash presentations, slideshows, documentary scientific films, presentations, news, telecasts, podcast, about nature, space etc

Description: An upbeat, hand-clapping happy piano tune that loops seamlessly.

Description: Elegant and sweet loop based on the tale of H. C. Andersen "The Tin Soldier. Good for background, videos and presentation.

Description: Loop on the theme of the story of Andersen, mechanical, romantic and dramatic. For particular videos.

Description: A happy piano solo track that loops seamlessly.

Description: A happy, lighthearted piano loop that brightens the mood. Can be incorporated into film productions, television shows, youtube productions, commercials and background music for a variety of purposes.

Description: A simple piano solo track that evokes sad emotions. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: A sad and simple piano solo track that loops seamlessly. This piece may be looped in the background of any type of media production or live application.

Description: A positive piano theme that loops seamlessly. Great for presentations, tv/film, commercial and corporate use.

Description: A positive, spirited piano theme that loops seamlessly. A great background track for slideshows, presentations, youtube, films, commercials and the like.