Description: short loading loop, flowing, spherical groove.

Description: Simple catchy but effective breakbeat

Description: 60 second loop (as well as a version with an ending) featuring fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano and an organ. This song has a swingy, driving feel moving forward with a determined purpose. Perfect for background music for personal or corporate presentations, or webcasts, radio, television or any other kind of advertising. Loops seamlessly, but a version with an ending chord is also available for sale - look for Minor Groo

Description: 60 second loop featuring strummed acoustic guitar, fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano, bass and a shaker with a lively, old time hoedown type feel. The song drives joyfully with a medium to fast paced two step, contemporary but also very folksy. Perfect for background music for film, television, radio, corporate or personal presentations.

Description: A freaky drum loop processed by means of an amplifier.

Description: 60 Second Acoustic Loop featuring guitar, ukulele, and piano

Description: short loading loop, swing it baby!.

Description: A perfect track to play as background music for a presentation or corporate video

Description: short loading loop, cool guitar hip hop beat.

Description: short loading loop, cool guitar and brass hip hop beat.