Description: short loading loop, beautiful acoustic guitar pop.

Description: short loading loop, slick and sly jazzy funky cool groove.

Description: 60 second medium paced instrumental featuring mainly acoustic guitar

Description: This music screams this is modern, cool, and pay attention. The piano plays out a strong rhythm as the cool melodies take the listener on a positive and inspiring ride. The bells play with the piano while the overall tone is perfect for a wide variety of applications including ads, logos, business, presentation, explainers, radio, television, and much much more.

Description: This is looped extract from the full track. It is a beautiful loop of glocks, xylophones and marimbas, all playing polyrythmically. Great for modern Christmas shows, fantasies, mysteries and spiritual programming.

Description: 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, rhodes organ, drums and bass

Description: short loading loop, easy loungey coolness.

Description: short loading loop, flowing, spherical groove.

Description: Simple catchy but effective breakbeat

Description: 60 second loop (as well as a version with an ending) featuring fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, piano and an organ. This song has a swingy, driving feel moving forward with a determined purpose. Perfect for background music for personal or corporate presentations, or webcasts, radio, television or any other kind of advertising. Loops seamlessly, but a version with an ending chord is also available for sale - look for Minor Groo