Description: 60 second loop in waltz time that sounds like a childhood memory of a merry go round.

Description: 60 second loop featuring finger picked nylon (classical) guitar, piano, strummed steel string guitar, and electric piano. This is a mellow but driving song – has a lazy, swinging feel. Feels like walking down the street in a positive mood on a Saturday in the city.

Description: 68 second loop featuring lightly picked acoustic guitar, piano, drums and electric piano. Has a moody, dark and haunting feel, but is at the same time medium paced and driving. The mood is of uncertainty and foreboding, but action.

Description: Catchy strings melodically riding to a rap beat

Description: 60 second acoustic loop featuring guitar, ukulele, and electric piano. Very mellow feel.

Description: relaxed, corporate, guitar+pizzicato, electronic midtempo groove.

Description: short loading loop, pleasant, nice melodic walking groove.

Description: Have you been searching for an upbeat, cheerful acoustic background for your project? Look no further, my friend! Happy Acoustic Loop 1 is the perfect choice for you. It immediately puts the listener in a relaxed and happy frame of mind, ready to pay full attention to the message you are trying to deliver in your production. Enjoy!

Description: short loading loop, house style with brasslick.

Description: short loading loop, beautiful acoustic guitar pop.