Description: This is very positive, corporate, motivational, looped melodious track with many bright instruments and holiday christmas mood - acoustic piano, synths, live bass, exciting rythmical drums,fx, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – like music, background for websites, in business projects and video, games, podcast, TV, radio etc...

Description: Powerful and energetic Drumloop with lots of Tom Toms, Clapping and Percussion. Perfect instrumental background for corporate presentations, children's productions, commercial and corporate use or any projects or presentations that need only rhythmic elements or a rhythmic build up.

Description: 60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar with effects, drums and piano. Has a recurring theme that builds until the end of the loop. The composition is driving, tense and suspenseful.

Description: Simple repetitive melody made up of electro rhythms with percussion, vibe is smooth and flowing, good sound for telecoms advert has a science technology feel will work well for underscore for advertising or product placement. Great for corporate uses seeking a smooth simple audio underscore

Description: Sparse slide guitar loop that gives the impression that you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and no one to do it with. Approximately one minute long.

Description: Sneaking through a back alley, what are you up to?.

Description: Here is a spirited, fast paced, and very energetic ukulele track that is sure to get your feet moving! It has acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930s Richter), strumming acoustic guitar, driving electric bass guitar, grand piano, real maraca, and upbeat hand clapping. It is great for any energized excitement such as beach recreational sports, corporate, business, background, travel, tropical, fast motion, or any adventurous activity like surfing or waterskiing. 192 beats per minute.

Description: The chase goes on and I don't think you can catch them.

Description: A mysterious ethereal atmosphere with boiling lava like percussion.