Description: Triumphant and positive but laid back enough to be excellent for background music for many different applications.

Description: A simple yet fast moving piano theme that loops seamlessly.

Description: This simple loop featuring ukulele suits perfect in endless applications. Its warm and familiar feeling is the best background for successful projecs. Seamless looped and quite versatile.

Description: 60 second loop featuring lightly picked and strummed acoustic guitar and a piano playing a simple melody. Has a nostalgic and sentimental feeling, evoking images of the memory of a midsummer night with a loved one. The composition is very low key but drives nicely. Perfect for background music for film, television, corporate or personal presentations, radio, or any other voiceover work. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Drive loop with cool sounds in moombahton style. Providing a cool and underground sounding soundtrack to your projects

Description: A positive, spirited piano theme that loops seamlessly. A great background track for slideshows, presentations, youtube, films, commercials and the like.

Description: relaxed, corporate, guitar+pizzicato, electronic midtempo groove.

Description: A powerful, grunge, rock, music track for achievement, sport, action and aerobic mood.

Description: This is a very romantic and melodious ambient looped track with tender acoustic guitar solo, sounds of the sea and somnolent electronic drums…It can be used anywhere – like music for websites backgrounds, movies, news, films, telecasts, about nature, space, earth, children, family, the sea etc.