Description: Neo-soul like r&b groove with hip-hop drums golden age style. Nice background music with a laid back feel suitable for any sophisticated or mature african-american themes or chat line commercials. Also nice for television scenes depicting young love. This is a seamless loop.

Description: 3/4 time loop featuring acoustic guitar/full acoustic drum kit/piano/gentle synth pad sound. Sounds fresh and flowing. No sense of urgency here. MANY other versions of this loop available here to choose from-with and without piano/drums/acoustic guitar. The AudioMicro flash player might not demonstrate it, but this file asbolutely loops perfectly.

Description: This is Epic Space Battle Loop in Pop-trance style, which can be used in battle games and movies, video, like musical background for websites etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!

Description: This uplifting and happy song featuring Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Strings and light guitar is the perfect match with corporate or business video or web site, commercials, adverts, infomercials or all kind of TV program. This catchy melody is positive and will make you feel well!

Description: flowing acoustic guitar and upright bass. cool drum beats with hints of airy synth leading to a climatic build.