Description: Synth bass, drums, digital synthesizers and syncopated percussion combine for 78 second loop of frantic, driving energy.

Description: Strings, piano, French horn and percussion play sad cinematic 70 second loop suggested to underscore romantic tension, heartfelt narration and lost love.

Description: Organ plays relaxed, reflective melody accompanied by guitar, bass strings, and light percussion in a 24 second loop.

Description: Upright bass and drums plays jazz motif as vibes and piano trade shadowy phrases in 70 second loop.

Description: Composition of methodically sequenced synthesizers, piano, marimba and percussion in 80 second loop.

Description: Strutting groove with piano octaves, bass, electric guitar, congas and drum kit play light rhythmic 29 second loop.

Description: Digital keyboards, samples and beat-box accompany retro analog synthesizer for 59 second loop.

Description: Sequenced synthesizers, rock guitars and drums play tension-building 66 second loop reminiscent of classic rock tracks.

Description: Simple piano chords resolve through close harmony pattern in 52 second loop, with percussion and double bass.

Description: Harpsichord, French and English horns, oboe, strings, piano, tubular bells and percussion play 63 second loop