Description: This is my newest motivational and positive corporate easy Inspiring Rock Piano Looped Intro for your business projects and video with exciting sound and beautiful light sunny mood, which include different bright instruments – catchy piano, guitars, live bass, drums, etc…This Inspiring Summer Soft Rock 1min can be used anywhere – as a music, background for websites, flash games and movies, business video presentations, news, nature, etc…Enjoy summer and thanks for purchase!:) Positive rock, advertising, background, bright, business, soft, background music, intro, commercial, corporate, easy rock, promo, smooth, excited, short, good mood, groovy, warm, logo, hopeful, inspirational, light, light rock, lite, lite rock, lively, good, music, piano, opening, optimistic, positive, positive music, rock, soft rock, serious, travel, tv, uplifting, video game, confident, upbeat, easy, mellow, happy, energetic, motivational, pompous, looping, proud, looping

Description: This is my new, powerful, agressive and Hip Hop Urban Music Loop track with exciting sound, which include different bright instruments - rythmical live drums, bass, scratches fx's, etc...This cool dangerous music intro can be used anywhere – as an energetic musical soundtrack or background for websites, computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertising and commercial video, forceful fighting sports video, movie trailer or an epic, adventure music for films, etc…Enjoy! action, advertising, background, battle, cinematic, commercial, dangerous, dramatic, driving, energetic, epic, film, forceful, game, game music, hard, hip hop, hip hop music, intro, logo, loop, music, powerful, fight, short, soundtrack, sport, strong, tension

Description: This is romantic melodious chill out looped track, somnolent ambient synths, drums and sounds of the sea…Relax! This track can be used in games and movies, video projects, as background music for websites etc…I've included in pack different versions of this calm dreamy track - original, short looped and logo versions, for your comfortable using..Enjoy and thanks for buying! calm, hypnotic, meditative, smooth, appearance, opening, beginning, rising, video, website, background, loop, beautiful, introduction, chill, enigma, mysterious, trance, ambient, lounge, relax, chillout, dreamy, deep, moody, emotional, laid back, mystique, intro, heavenly, thoughtful, subtle, atmospheric, romantic, easy listening, epic, inspirational, light, positive, serene, sentimental, sad, sleigh bells, soft, video game, tranquil, soothing, sexy, relaxed, mellow

Description: Happy acoustic instrumental version of the song Happy Birthday to you. It is the most popular song in the world! Perfect for commercials, happy baby music box for YouTube videos and advertising projects. Bright, relaxing children track. Happy and pretty. Loving!

Description: French house loop for your projects.

Description: Music in the style of pop relax, a romantic mood, sentimental with a touch of sadness and nostalgia, Electric piano, grand piano, synthesizers, drums, A beautiful melody for your inspiration for new project

Description: Energetic and solid Dance music groove,4/4kicks and pumped bass and synth sound with some additional percussion,transitional material like wind noise and reversed piano and so on.It start off with wide synth mallet sound,bright,glassy pad with percussive loop. It is built up with powerful dance 4/4 kick,pumped bass and intense layered synth lead.

Description: 50s TV Theme, cute, comedy, bouncy

Description: 50s TV Theme, cute, comedy, bouncy

Description: 50s TV Theme, cute, comedy, bouncy