Description: This is a powerful dance techno club 30s looped composition with exciting sound, which include driving guitars, different bright catchy synths, bass, dance drums, coating pads, clock fx etc…This Scooter style track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, documentary scientific films, presentations, news, telecasts, about nature, space, as a music, background for arcade war battle computer games and emotional movies, as a musical background for advertisement, business commercial websites etc…Enjoy! and thanks for buying!:) action, aggressive, battle, club, club music, commercial, corporate, dance, dance music, electronic, energetic, fast, game, hi tech, logo, loop, loud, modern, music, powerful, pumping, strong, techno, uplifting, achievement, advertising, angry, bouncy, bright, broadcast, competition, cool, driving, extreme, hard, inspirational, intense, intro, motivational, news, noise, old style, opening, sport, sport action, sport show, tension, video game, Anthem

Description: A thick layered electric piano lead, low 808 sub bass, synth effects, and thumping trap drums / Loop is 8 bars at 90 BPM.

Description: A gentle and relaxed finger picking acoustic guitar with acoustic bass, grand piano, and a easy listening flute melody. It's relaxing like a onshore breeze on a sunny summer day and a great background track for homeyness and embracing warmth. 66 bpm edited for seamless looping,

Description: A solo percussion groove with energizing and festive African hand drums, shakers, and bell. 105 beats per minute.

Description: It is a musical style dance sequence is warning you that the party or is about to begin or has already begun.

Description: The bass loop is a little in dubstep style

Description: A song for children, kids and familiy project. Happy toys sounds for a strong melody to make you smile.

Description: Uplifting electronic tune with beautiful piano and violin strings. The track has a hopeful and successful feel.

Description: It is a dance style musical sequence with a very playful and appealing melody.

Description: Strutting groove with piano octaves, bass, electric guitar, congas and drum kit play light rhythmic 29 second loop.