Description: Smooth cinematic blend of mesmerizing chords, looming bass line and snappy southern hip-hop style percussion. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Contemplative modern day Hip-Hop style beat. Also evokes several feelings ranging from pain and struggle to vibing out with friends. Nice racing hi-hats compliment Kick and Snap combo with bass line. This is a seamless original loop composition.

Description: Fast paced electronic beats with a sweeping futuristic vibe and space age sfx. Nice for corporate advertisements, scientific documentaries, video game music, financing, debt relief programs, extreme sports. Forward thinking. (full edit available)

Description: Hip-Hop instrumental loop with modern day quirky sounds. Good for background use during interviews, narration, viral videos, youtube videos or "adult" videos. Zany vibe mixed with hip-hop culture. Think underscore for a silly moment, or enhance cool factor for gadgets and electronics.

Description: New-Age like melody with groovy percussive beats. Electronic synths and sfx add cinematic feel.

Description: Hypnotic, space age ambient music with 808, light shakers, high strings and crystal synths. Compliments outer space travel, deep sea excursions, creative ideas, nature attractions, meditation and presentations. Pearl divers, deep sea exploration, science, new discoveries, corporate promo.