Description: Looped track, gently flowing piano melody. Modern, pulsating but very understated electronica underscore. Blissful, reassuring and positive. Suitable for: background music, corporate and home videos, documentary, film, presentations, soundtracks, visualisation, webpage.

Description: Delicate loop for solo piano, slow and meditative cadences. Atmosphere poignant, intimate and very sweet. Beautiful music for sophisticated images or videos.

Description: Very delicate looped track for solo piano, fluctuating and ethereal, full of colors and nuances. Excellent and sophisticated background, beautiful sound comment for images and videos.

Description: Classical track for piano solo, modern style. Incessant rhythm interrupted by an intermediate lyric break before retourning to loop. Great musical commentary for videos and pleasant background.

Description: Looped track for solo piano, slow pace, classical style. Elegance and subtle melancholy created with few essential chords. Sophisticated atmosphere for a relaxing and delicate background in public places and in waiting rooms. Ideal also for presentations and sophisticate web projects.

Description: Delicate and classically melodic track for piano solo, veiled by a subtle melancholy. Elegant background in public places and for answering machines.

Description: Looped track for solo piano, ethereal and dreamy. The soft geometry of the flight of a dragonfly is expressed in musical notes. Great elegance and atmosphere for delicate projects.

Description: Delicate and modern track, with a reflective first part and the second part animated by a lively arpeggio. Ideal in background and for web projects.

Description: The piano solo draws arabesques of notes, in an abstract and elegant game, like a flight of butterflies. Ethereal, dreamy and inspirational, for your delicate projects and your listening pleasure.

Description: Loop on the theme of the story of Andersen, mechanical, romantic and dramatic. For particular videos.