Description: A trip hop loop influenced with crispy drums a rolling bass and a grabbing solitary piano melody.

Description: A fun downtempo loop with sound flavors of dub reggae music and upbeat breaks.

Description: A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy drums, and bass guitar.

Description: This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring a ukulele type acoustic guitar along with a simple whistling melody. Perfect for background music for presentations that needs to promote happiness and lightheartedness.

Description: It is a sequence of Pop style electronic music sounds of nature with certain Electro House. Contains voice samples.

Description: It is a style dance sequence with some catchy tunes full of feeling.

Description: It is a musical sequence in the style Euro Dance with vibrant and catchy melodies.

Description: Dance Sequence melodic musical style. Contains a curious but full of great attraction melody.

Description: It is a sequence of Dance music style with bright melodies.

Description: Children´s Games On The Beach is a style dance sequence with a very fresh and lively melodies. It is designed to serve as background music in games or multimedia projects containing images of children playing on the beach, by the pool, eating ice cream, etc.Have a kids magic touch.The main melody is performed with piano.