Description: Electro-Pop Music, Eighties style, using vintage synths like the Moog Modular, the Mini-Moog and the Arp 2600, influenced by the French Touch like M83, Kavinsky, Mellow, Daft Punk, Justice, Air, not to mention the pioneers of electronica, like Giorgio Moroder, Klaus Schulze and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Description: It is a dance tune with a typical sound of the 90s.

Description: It is a style dance sequence with a very catchy tune.It is designed for short scenes where beautiful landscapes are displayed.

Description: Song dance style 80-90 years. Very catchy melody and danceable.

Description: It is a musical sequence with a certain air of mystery but Dance with melodic elements.

Description: It is a sequence of melodic dance music style with an appealing melody.

Description: This is a song made from simple sounds and has been designed to serve as background music retro video game court. It has a certain air of old video games at the time.

Description: It is a musical sequence House style with a simple melody but a playful bass.

Description: It is a kind of melodic dance track loop style with vibrant, fresh and full of pure energy sounds.

Description: This is a classic dance track of the \'90s. No voices so that you can add yourself your own.Contains very catchy and danceable melodies.