Description: A upbeat positive and motivational track with big drums, rocky guitar and nice pumpy smooth bass.

Description: It is a style dance sequence with some catchy tunes full of feeling.

Description: It is a sequence of Dance music style with bright melodies.

Description: It is a sequence of electro dance music style. Contains a sample of male voice.

Description: A simple and sweet instrumental array featuring Glockenspiel , piano, synths and percussion designed to create a happy, exciting and joyful feel.

Description: It is a musical style dance sequence with a bright and very catchy tune. The main instrument is a kind of sweet bell It is a sequence that runs at 130 BPM and dazzles from the first second.

Description: It is a musical style dance sequence with a beautiful melody made of piano notes.

Description: If you want an appealing, elegant and with a certain dose of commercial effectiveness song, this is your song. Saxo Piano embedded on a mixture of soft sensual rhythms.

Description: Sweet, cute and friendly track with lots of joyful, uplifting bouncy elements. The track features happy instrumentation throughout making it ideal for Children or cartoon themed project. Also, very useful for animal themes or puzzle game background theme music.

Description: Piano, harpsichord and subtle percussion play dark, foreboding 59 second loop in ¾ time, suggested to provide a haunting underscore.