Description: This loop gives you a real feeling of a secret mission that's being performed.

Description: fragment guitar melodies, beautiful emotional music

Description: Glittering, skittering guitar loop.

Description: Swells of guitar move slowly over a sea of electronics.

Description: Birds are swallowed in a tornado in this loop.

Description: A form repeatedly rises up and falls back into the waters.

Description: Cathartic loop-based acoustic instrumental with swells of guitar and an uplifting bridge that suggests resolution and redemption.

Description: An orchestral guitar loop gives way to chaotic undercurrents and static.

Description: This is a loop version of a modern cinematic track with a creative and inspirational vibe. Dynamic and moving composition featuring orchestral strings, piano, different percussion, energetic drums, arpeggiated synths, bass guitar and upbeat drums. Perfect for commercials, films, TV themes, trailers and more. Exciting contemporary music track with a unique and captivating vibe.