Description: A fun 8-bar seamless loop of a waltz in a minor key with a dark feel.

Description: This is my new positive background chill house acoustic music 30s loop track with calm lovely romantic mood, which contain acoustic guitar, soft drums and live bass…This track can be used anywhere – as a relaxing musical background for websites, games, tv or radio jingle, advertising, wedding and commercial video etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: This is my new Chill Fashion background music track, relaxing thoughtful 15s music melodious loop with a calm and positive mood. This is stylish pensive 15sec composition for your business projects with pop soft lounge sound and beautiful fashion mood, which include different bright instruments – electric guitars, filter pad, synths, soft live drums, fx, etc…This looped track can be used as a musical background for websites, in video games and video, fashion photo slideshow, summer party video presentations, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!

Description: Dance, House, Deep House, perfect for the holiday, sun and summer. Influenced by Lost Frequencies and the hit and remix of Are You With Me?, by Prayer in C remixed by Robin Schulz and by the work of The Avener, Iam with You is an amalgam of House and light electric guitars, melodic and trippy. Perfect to get you move and to illustrate your creative or corporate projects.

Description: A nice little piano and drum loop that goes perfectly with and adventure scene

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 8 is what I call my cha cha beat. Perfect for Tribal dance,samba and Latin.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 7. is a special track from my dance collection. Its a driver hands in the air type of beat,you won't be able to hear this without popping you head.Perfect for all types of dance.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 3 is a special beat from my Tribal collection. I use beats like these as a loop on my productions or as intro or break.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 9 is a raw pounder,this beat fits into all dance catagories from my special dance beat collection.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 1 is a basic 8 bar beat from my special collection. These beats are great to add to productions or use as they are..