Description: Hard banging MPC style drums, 808 bass boom, a gritty homemade sample, and turntable cuts / Loop is 8 bars at 86 BPM

Description: Hard banging MPC style drums, trap style high-hats, 808 bass boom, pitched vocal stabs, and a percussive style lead / Loop is 8 bars at 89 BPM.

Description: It means that the rythm is decline at the ride cymbal whith the 3 first sixteenth notes on it.

Description: A rythm declination whith accent on the third sixteenth note on the ride

Description: Latin-inspired guitars, bass, organ, piano and percussion play simple, laid-back instrumental arrangement in 90 second loop.

Description: This song is an uplifting Americana-style tune, that features acoustic guitar, banjo, and upright bass. Several cuts of different duration are available to choose from, making this song a great choice for a variety of creative projects. This version is a seamless loop for continuous play.

Description: Piano, strings, flutes and percussion trade motifs a la Golden Age of Hollywood in 108 second loop. Suggested for "happily ever after" effect as credits begin to roll.

Description: Like a summer breeze on the beach, waves crash in rounds as the banjo plays against the child's piano.

Description: This track is giving a feeling of pride, power and confidence. Siutable for any rewarding or patriotic celebration.

Description: This track sounds like a helicopter is flying, or rhytmic ball bouncing.