Description: Speed Loop (No Hey!) is an energetic rock, fast and melodic, which evokes the freedom, the road and the pleasure. Guitars overdriven, heavy Bass and punchy Drum, all that is necessary to move.

Description: This loop sounds like coming to school for the first time.

Description: A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy upbeat drums, and soothing funky bass guitar.

Description: 57 sec LOOP - Riff, Solo and Theme. The track is very intense and dynamic. Ideal for videos showing extreme, speed, flight and various epic scenes. Well ideal for video games like a shooter or a race etc.

Description: A beautiful and serene reflective piano solo track that loops seamlessly. This music is especially appropriate for use as background music in television, film or video productions.

Description: Time is now Zeitgeist Vibe! Sleek sexy electro tune, elements of mystery and suspence, good for underscore and will work with so many products, science, technology, telecoms, wireless. Percussive beats and rhythms drive the track along, fast and vibrant tones. CSI science visuals

Description: Electro-pop "groovy" and aerial, mixing synthetic, acoustic, organic and orchestral sounds influenced by the single Deadly Valentine by Charlotte Gainsbourg and the work of SebastiAn.

Description: Retro vibe music, electro-pop, psychedelic, funk and groovy, with sixties and seventies accents, reminding Portugal. The Man, Danger Mouse, Electric Guest or David Holmes. An indie music in the spirit, dancing, melodic with a contagious groove.

Description: U-Mix percussion composition, Brasilian groove - bpm 120

Description: U-Mix percussion composition, Brasilian groove - bpm 90