Description: Synthesizers and drums in trance style 41 second loop similar to drum and bass groove with stereo effects and filter sweeps.

Description: Laid back pop groove with Latin percussion, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums in 52 second loop.

Description: Cello plays slow, lonely, somber, haunting A/B solo pattern in 53 second loop.

Description: Piano, harpsichord and subtle percussion play dark, foreboding 59 second loop in ¾ time, suggested to provide a haunting underscore.

Description: Electric piano with subtle percussion plays slow A/B arrangement in 59 second loop of simple melodic phrases suggested for underscoring of Valentine’s Day ecards.

Description: Harp is joined by piano, cellos and percussion in 62 second loop underscoring dark, troubled mood with off-the-wall melody.

Description: Sequenced synthesizers, rock guitars and drums play tension-building 66 second loop reminiscent of classic rock tracks.

Description: Slow pulsating electronic 69 second loop, Moog and Prophet synths trade hypnotic brassy, plucked motifs over echoing synthesized organ rhythm.

Description: Strings, piano, French horn and percussion play sad cinematic 70 second loop suggested to underscore romantic tension, heartfelt narration and lost love.

Description: Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synth and drums combine in 74 second loop for haunting slow pattern.

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