Description: Strings, piano, French horn and percussion play sad cinematic 70 second loop suggested to underscore romantic tension, heartfelt narration and lost love.

Description: Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synth and drums combine in 74 second loop for haunting slow pattern.

Description: Dubstep-inspired rock guitars play A/B patterns in 83 second loop, trading riffs accompanied by double bass drum and percussion patterns.

Description: Electric piano with subtle percussion plays slow A/B arrangement in 59 second loop of simple melodic phrases suggested for underscoring of Valentine’s Day ecards.

Description: This is a very melodic musical sequence motivational style.Made with soft percussion sounds.The main instruments are the piano, bass and synthesizer.It's a song that fits your needs very well when a multimedia production acclimate social or motivational. Se trata de una secuencia musical muy melódica de estilo Motivacional.Realizada con sonidos de percusión suaves.Los instrumentos principales son el piano, el bajo y un sintetizador.Es una canción que se ajusta muy bien a tus necesidades a la hora de ambientar una producción multimedia de carácter social o motivacional.

Description: Let me take you higher with a musical journey full of happy guitar melodies and colorful textures. This theme is perfect to use in projects that show positiveness, good playful people, teamwork and togetherness.

Description: This is a fantastic and uplifting corporate motivational theme. Great for seminar introductions and festive retreat gatherings and suitable for commercial applications. A triumphant choir and french horn melody that is very memorable lies over a pop synthesizer line and an uptempo dance energy percussion and bass groove. Rally the troops!

Description: A calm and successful corporate loop. Positive and optimistic with light digital synth and beat. Best for business model presentations and modern background music related to computers commercial, internet, banking, communication, smartphones and Tablet applications.

Description: Cello plays slow, lonely, somber, haunting A/B solo pattern in 53 second loop.

Description: Slow pulsating electronic 69 second loop, Moog and Prophet synths trade hypnotic brassy, plucked motifs over echoing synthesized organ rhythm.