Description: This is Soft Telephone Opening short background music loop intro with tender pad and Telephone dialing sound fx…It can be used anywhere – as a background relaxing opener music intro for websites, movies, news, films, TV and radio programs production, telecasts, etc..Soft, Telephone, Opening, short, background, music, loop, intro, tender, pad, dialing, sound, fx, relaxing, opener, website, movies, news, TV, radio, program, production, telecast, call, calling, sound fx, logo, ident

Description: Electro background music for advertising and other positive media projects Tempo: 120 bpm

Description: Electro background music for advertising and other positive media projects Tempo: 120 bpm

Description: This is my newest inspiring, positive and soft electronic Synthpop Loop intro 30s music track in 80s and 90s mood and Depeche Mode or Hurts synth pop old style. This short opening motivational background music can be used in business commercial video presentations, computer games and movies,as a musical background for advertisement, slideshow, business websites, as company logo soundtrack, etc…Enjoy! and thanks for buying!:)

Description: Electronic underscore with arpegiatted synths. Exciting and pulsating, with dark elements and a shuffle kit, dub FX and cinematic percussion. Alternate edits available on the site

Description: This is track 3 from my Musical Blanket Collection. A strong music bed of synths and strings with rubbing bass lines no drums.

Description: A lively acoustic guitar and grand piano backing track with a quick, happy, and friendly feel. It's very easy to listen to with an arrangement of standard familiar chords changes under a piano melody line that's outgoing and confident. 160 beats per minute and edited for seemlesss looping.

Description: This is a fantastic and uplifting corporate motivational theme. Great for seminar introductions and festive retreat gatherings and suitable for commercial applications. A triumphant choir and french horn melody that is very memorable lies over a pop synthesizer line and an uptempo dance energy percussion and bass groove. Rally the troops!

Description: Underwater ambient music with harp melody and reverberant strings

Description: A energetic and obscure loop drum beat