Description: This is track 3 from my Musical Blanket Collection. A strong music bed of synths and strings with rubbing bass lines no drums.

Description: A lively acoustic guitar and grand piano backing track with a quick, happy, and friendly feel. It's very easy to listen to with an arrangement of standard familiar chords changes under a piano melody line that's outgoing and confident. 160 beats per minute and edited for seemlesss looping.

Description: This is a fantastic and uplifting corporate motivational theme. Great for seminar introductions and festive retreat gatherings and suitable for commercial applications. A triumphant choir and french horn melody that is very memorable lies over a pop synthesizer line and an uptempo dance energy percussion and bass groove. Rally the troops!

Description: Underwater ambient music with harp melody and reverberant strings

Description: A energetic and obscure loop drum beat

Description: This is really powerful, corporate motivational, looped melodious track with many bright instruments and motivational mood - acoustic guitar, drive acoustic guitar, synths, live bass, exciting rythmical drums,fx, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – like music, background for websites, in business projects and video, games, podcast, TV, radio etc...

Description: Crazy synths and froggy like bass

Description: flowing, club music style, dance, uptempo electronic hi-tech groove.

Description: electronica, electro, hi-tech short soundloop.