Description: Pastoral, scenic, reflective, piano feature

Description: 50's/60's. Good time street corner doo-wop

Description: Acoustic guitar, piano and cello in a warm, positive and uplifting cue.

Description: Meditative, peaceful, romantic

Description: 80s power pop, driving synth rock

Description: Rural Americana, light pop

Description: Music in the style of pop relax, a romantic mood, sentimental with a touch of sadness and nostalgia, Electric piano, grand piano, synthesizers, drums, A beautiful melody for your inspiration for new project

Description: Calm slow melody on the piano. Present stringed. Suitable for relaxation. For advertising. For sad scenes in movies and videos.

Description: Deep Ambiental Bass with feel of underwater voyage

Description: A exotic musical journey with a taste of Greek, Indian and African sounds. Acoustic and electric guitars, Ukulele & Greek traditional instrument (baglamas) accompanied with Indian and African rhythms, will take you into a far exotic multicultural land with dreamy landscapes. This is a good tune to use when promoting something multicultural, dreamy, and also showing people traveling, sharing positive experiences.

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