Description: Dramatic Instrumental Pop that can be used as Music Loop

Description: Classical looped track for piano solo. Pure and essential lyricism. Suitable for those seeking intimacy, softness, rarefied atmosphere for projects, videos, background in public places.

Description: Put on your Spandex and step back into time to the eighties! Retro 80s music, and cool 80s synths infuse together to produce this cool and retro piece of music hailing from the 1980's! PVC, Denim and frizzy hair all come alive in the 80s!

Description: This is a song style melodic Electro House. Contains an elegant melody built from sax sounds. It also contains samples of female voice that fit perfectly.It is an ideal atmosphere for dynamic and full of expressive song sequences.

Description: Drones & Pads - Wide Christmas Pad with epic choir and bright bells. Includes mixout without FX

Description: Drones & Pads - Smooth Pad with sparkling elements. Includes mixout without FX

Description: acoustic picking guitar fx loop.

Description: Laidback bluesy jazz piano, accompanied by upright bass and drums, in 116 second loop suggested for casual lounge scenes, sequences depicting leisure and well-being.

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