Description: This peaceful new age fusion music combines a soft and beautiful style with a modern twist. The hypnotic melodies a complimented with a smooth tone and ethereal vibe. This music works great with nature, ads, travel, business, television, and much more.

Description: 60 second loop featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano, a pad sound, shaker and drums. Medium paced and mellow, but drives forward confidently. As with all my compositions, this would be a perfect song for background music, or music for advertising, TV, voice overs, or any other number of applications. Loops seamlessly

Description: A simple piano track evoking feelings of beauty, hope, reflection and love. Tranquil and delicate, it will add a warm touch to your project.

Description: 60 second medium paced instrumental featuring mainly acoustic guitar

Description: Slow, sad classical guitar composition in 77 second loop suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet, tragic love scene.

Description: Bass, electric guitar and drums accompany organ melody in 68 second loop reminiscent of 70s and 80s retro band “Ambrosia.”

Description: This upbeat acoustic music shines with bright and happy tones. The ukulele plays out a simple and positive rhythm while the bells motivate and compliments the joyful percussion. The happiness and simplicity of this track makes it a great choice for a wide variety of applications including corporate, ads, television, documentary and much more.

Description: This cinematic inspired music really captures your attention. The strong percussion and haunting pads scream drama while the choir melody gives it an epic feel. The music is arranged to work great with a wide variety of powerful applications including film, trailers, documentary, television, video games, and much much more.

Description: This is very motivational light rock music,with upbeat guitar,bright strings chords,elated piano solo. Inspiring, optimistic, uplifting themes for success, motivation & achievement, grand and energetic music for business, ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: Big rock track, live instruments with great modern production, catchy riffs which are instantly pleasing. Please take the time to listen to my other tracks if you enjoy this one.