Description: Relaxing ambient 30 sec loop suitable for background application. Very chilled out but uplifting tone

Description: Thick and banging MPC swing style kicks, snares, hats, and percussion, panning string stabs, low sub bass, jazz piano chord hits, and harp & electric guitar fills / Perfect loop for a project that needs organic west coast hip-hop with a laid back vibe / Loop is 8 bars at 80 BPM

Description: electronic loop suitable for games or sports items.

Description: Loopable acoustic guitar with rythmic noises and electronic toms. Includes a reverb tail.

Description: This is romantic melodious chill out Epic And Mysterious Loop intro track with tender guitar solo, somnolent ambient pads and sounds of the sea…Relax! This track can be used in games and movies, video projects, as a romantic background music for websites, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying! calm, hypnotic, meditative, smooth, appearance, opening, beginning, rising, video, background, loop, beautiful, introduction, chill, enigma, mysterious, guitar, ambient, lounge, relax, chillout, dreamy, deep, moody, emotional, laid back, mystique, intro, heavenly, thoughtful, subtle, atmospheric, romantic, easy listening, epic, inspirational, light, positive, serene, sentimental, sad, soft, video game, tranquil, soothing, sexy, relaxed, mellow, magical, slow, looping

Description: Romantic accordion loop in the style of Yann Tiersen D minor 95bpm 4/4

Description: A fresh and clean background track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!

Description: House loop for new track. Fantastic beat and melody.

Description: A warm and soothing solo theme in the genre of smooth jazz played with an electric piano to provide a gentle and unobtrusive background for diverse multimedia projects, corporate video presentations, and TV shows soliciting relaxed thoughtfulness, composure, meditation, facilitating meaningful rests, pauses, and transitions between primary visual events.

Description: easy corporate loop ideal as background for presentations, video projects and more

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