Description: Atmospheric soundcape melody with trendy beats, low end bass and sfx create an illusion of on-line fantasy, scientific theories or adult interaction.

Description: Abstract ambient soundscape with swinging drum pattern to give a loose feel. "Hey" sparse vocal. Pulsing bass line adds a bit of an edgy feeling. Music for various science fiction themes, chill-out themes, substance abuse documentary, social issues, website flash loop. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Spaced out experimental electronic music for an out of this world galactic vibe. Useful for multimedia DVD presentations, flash video, background music for video games. Public access channel music bed, on hold music, scientific documentary. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Soulful and emotional Hip-Hop instrumental comprised of organ melody, violin, electric guitar, stand out drums and a smooth bass line. Useful for media depicting family gatherings, BBQ's or a general laid-back social environment or hotel lounge. Also, think hip-hop nostalgia. Documentary. This is a seamless loop. (full edit and short edit available)

Description: Mellow and relaxing R&B melody nice for background use for themes such as health spa promotions, intimacy, travel, meditation and reflection. Also think background music for documentaries or feminine products. Hair blowing in the wind. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Edgy electronic medley of weblike chords and mystical background all grooving to a Hip-Hop beat. The melody sparks a curious vibe often found in investigative news reports and documentaries.

Description: Smooth cinematic blend of mesmerizing chords, looming bass line and snappy southern hip-hop style percussion. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Fast paced electronic beats with a sweeping futuristic vibe and space age sfx. Nice for corporate advertisements, scientific documentaries, video game music, financing, debt relief programs, extreme sports. Forward thinking. (full edit available)

Description: New-Age like melody with groovy percussive beats. Electronic synths and sfx add cinematic feel.