Description: Simple catchy but effective breakbeat

Description: Thick and banging MPC swing style kicks, snares, hats, and percussion, panning string stabs, low sub bass, jazz piano chord hits, and harp & electric guitar fills / Perfect loop for a project that needs organic west coast hip-hop with a laid back vibe / Loop is 8 bars at 80 BPM

Description: Catchy strings melodically riding to a rap beat

Description: Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, multiple version, instrumental and rap versions, high end production from my work with major hip hop stars in the field, this is one of my many hip hop tracks to found here, hope you enjoy !

Description: Dark ice cold rap beat with an orchestral backing

Description: Energetic and very catchy hip hop loop for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it.

Description: This loop is a laid back hip hop beat with kick drum, snare and hi hat.

Description: This funky, danceable hip-hop loop uses the well-known plucked clavinet sound over organ and electric piano stabs making it useful for any project wanting to maintain an upbeat, uptempo feeling.

Description: 303s with hip breaks - short duration loop

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