Description: A magical and positive theme that includes, vibrant guitar riffs and catchy piano solos, guaranteed to travel your soul far away where imagination and creativity thrives. Due to its inspirational, spiritual, upbeat energy and versatile character this is perfect for ads, corporate projects, and films. This is the infinity 28 loop version

Description: Let me take you higher with a musical journey full of happy guitar melodies and colorful textures. This theme is perfect to use in projects that show positiveness, good playful people, teamwork and togetherness.

Description: A war anthem, written for the medieval times where all men fought with horses and swords. Using classical instruments, industrial drums, sound effects, and latin words sang by orchestra this audio theme ready to captivate your audience.

Description: A positive African song that creates a nice feeling of togetherness using simple African melodies and a catchy beat. Good for anything that has to do with Africa and tribes. Inside the zip file you get a 24 second loop version of this.

Description: Everything that has to do with adrenaline, dangerous activities and extreme sports, this theme would be appropriate as a soundtrack for all the above. Its slow beat combined with electric guitars and edgy solos make this perfect to show extreme sports in slow motion. Use it with snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking etc etc.

Description: A soundtrack that reminds the process a person is going through while thinking about something. This is good to play in a project where someone is expressing his/hers thoughts on a subject. Also it could fit as a detective’s theme while following someone.

Description: A exotic musical journey with a taste of Greek, Indian and African sounds. Acoustic and electric guitars, Ukulele & Greek traditional instrument (baglamas) accompanied with Indian and African rhythms, will take you into a far exotic multicultural land with dreamy landscapes. This is a good tune to use when promoting something multicultural, dreamy, and also showing people traveling, sharing positive experiences.