Description: Crisp and punchy kicks-claps-hats, pulsating electro synth bass, and thick layered metallic electro synth melodies / Loop is 8 bars at 100 BPM

Description: It can be great as a loop for something suspense. The mood is suspense, confident, mystical and proud

Description: An absolutely weird techno loop processed via amp.

Description: Crisp and punchy kicks-snares-claps-hats, wobble synth bass, and thick layered electro trance synth melodies / Loop is 8 bars at 110 BPM

Description: Crisp and punchy kicks-snares-hats, wobble synth bass, spacey rise effects, and low 808 bass boom / Loop is 8 bars at 110 BPM

Description: An energetic high tech arpeggiated synthesizer groove for indents, logos, news screen, data, credits, and suspence in video productions. 99 beats per minute.

Description: Very soft, light, high pitched and melodic loop that uses soft keyboard sounds.

Description: This is a loop that uses a rock organ sound and is played in an arpeggio style.

Description: Emotional and energetic loop. Dance rhythm, action drums, atmospheric pads. Good use for background movies, inspiring modern video, cinematic video, commercial video, intros and more.

Description: An inspirational cinematic loop featuring beautiful musical elements, pads, effects and deep bass sounds. Intense and electronic sounds fill the space and creates a modern vibe. It's really good music to illustrate the contemporary designs, video production, film trailers, motivational presentations and other.