Description: Drum machine with variants of hit hat and snare

Description: This is a great and minimalistic loop. Bass, hihat, snare and kick drum all made using an analog synth (Arturia Minibrute), which makes the sound very coherent. It's a perfect loop.

Description: It is a musical sequence which contains beautiful melodies and a gentle pace.Flute, piano and percussion.

Description: This is a very positive and spiritually uplifting little loop.

Description: A melody that signals finality, something has reached an end and it may be sad for someone involved. The drums are big and filled with the sense of space. Good for sci-fi scene.

Description: Upbeat track that can be looped. The track has a beat, synth, violin. This is the version with a continues beat. Good for documentaries, videos, websites and other productions. Two other versions are also available.

Description: A part or electro house track which can be played on repeat.