Description: The Bouncing bass in the style of Dubstep for your projects

Description: Energetic and solid Dance music groove,4/4kicks and pumped bass and synth sound with some additional percussion,transitional material like wind noise and reversed piano and so on.It start off with wide synth mallet sound,bright,glassy pad with percussive loop. It is built up with powerful dance 4/4 kick,pumped bass and intense layered synth lead.

Description: It is a beautiful musical introduction made of piano and other sounds side and lead to a new part of melodic dance style.

Description: Deep house loop which can be played on repeat

Description: This is a song style melodic Electro House. Contains an elegant melody built from sax sounds. It also contains samples of female voice that fit perfectly.It is an ideal atmosphere for dynamic and full of expressive song sequences.

Description: This hypnotic electro music combines a dramatic and energetic style with powerful modern elements. The synth lead plays a wild and catchy melody while the plucky guitar adds a cool twist. This music works great for a wide variety of apps including television, ads, dance club, film, and more.

Description: It is a musical sequence Techno Spanish style with a bright, full of freshness and strength melody.

Description: EDM-style musical sequence with brilliant, high-quality melodies

Description: It is a musical sequence electro dance style. Start with a simple part which is coupled immediately a voice filtered through vocoder. It ends with a very commercial and full of strength with typical sounds of electro music.

Description: Powerful electro-industrial loop with synth-pop like melody.

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