Description: Get on the dance floor with this groovy disco underscore. Modern pop dance track with a disco flavour. Just add flashing lights and mirror ball. Modern drum machine beats, dance synths, funky strat guitar. Great for fashion, commercials & Club scenes. Main mix, 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Bass heavy electro house loop.

Description: Techno drum and sound percussion loop, uptempo.

Description: Hard thumping club kicks-snares-hats, funky old-school break-beat drum loops, and a thick electro bass synth stab / Loop is 8 bars at 130 BPM

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 3 is a special beat from my Tribal collection. I use beats like these as a loop on my productions or as intro or break.

Description: Electro dance beats to the Max! Mid tempo, insistent clubby dance with a darker sleazier side, perfect for steamy adult entertainment. Also great for cutting edge fashion with attitude - very contemporary. Underscore version ideal for technical voice-over scripts 7 cutting edge Audio Visuals. Also main mix, underscore, 60sec & 2 x 30sec versions

Description: Panning watery sounding electro synths, thick electro bass synth stabs, hard thumping club kicks-snares-hats, and old-school funky break-beat drum loops / Loop is 8 bars at 130 BPM

Description: Powerful club kick, big strong electro snare, reverb clap stabs, panning 909 hats, panning 909 beatbox percusion, analog synth stabs, and metal sounding synth effects / Perfect loop for a project that needs deep pounding ambient club-minimal techno / Loop is 8 bars at 120 BPM.

Description: This is very positive and powerful dance 8bit game looped track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include different bright instuments – acoustic guitar, synth, synth bass, drums, fx, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – like music, background for websites, in flash games and movies, documentary scientific films, business presentations and projects, podcast, slideshows, news, telecasts, about nature, space etc…

Description: This is my new, really motivational, sport powerful driving 8bit Energetic Game Dance Music looped intro music track with many bright instruments and extreme sports news show mood – electric bright distortion driving guitars, bass, exciting club dancing rythmical drums, etc…This short opening track can be used anywhere – as an energetic musical background for websites, flash action games and corporate opener video, football soccer games, sport radio or tv news, etc…Enjoy!:) 8bit, achievement, action, advertising, aggressive, angry, bright, broadcast, commercial, competition, confident, cool, corporate, dance, dynamic, energetic, extreme, fast, game, hard, intense, intro, loop, motivational, news, noise, opening, powerful, rock, short, show, sport, sport action, sport game, sport logo, sport news, sport show, sports music, strong, tension, uplifting, video game, high tech, industrial, music, background, proud, rave, driving, looping, fast