Description: Driving electronic music bed, hypnotic trance like vibes, great for gaming, apps and will work well as a commercial music bed.

Description: This is my new Trance Dance Music Loop 2min Intro track with beautiful night club summer mood, which contain soft synth, dance leads, vocal samples (it was me:) and dreamy fx…This track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for websites, games and movies, as a soundtrack, corporate video, youtube summer party video, holiday video, presentations, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) background, business, commercial, corporate, dance, dreamy, easy, electronic, emotional, energetic, fast, loop, melodious, modern, motivational, opening, pop, positive, rhythmical, soft, soundtrack, strings, trance, travel, video, vocal, voice, website, bouncy, bright, discovery, video game, inspirational, hopeful, high tech, 2min, summer, confident, cool, festive, proud, uplifting, relaxed, repetitive, hypnotic, mellow, light, magical, meditative, mystical, looping, fast

Description: EDM-style musical sequence with brilliant, high-quality melodies

Description: Powerful electro-industrial loop with synth-pop like melody.

Description: Breakbeat with Eastern melodies and interesting lead

Description: This hypnotic electro music combines a dramatic and energetic style with powerful modern elements. The synth lead plays a wild and catchy melody while the plucky guitar adds a cool twist. This music works great for a wide variety of apps including television, ads, dance club, film, and more.

Description: It is a techno-style dance sequence with a strong melody that exudes energy and purity.

Description: This is a short musical sequence electro dance style perfect for TV and radio

Description: It is a sequence of melodic dance style sounds mainly on piano and synthesizers.

Description: It is a musical dance sequence melodic style. Bright and full of splendor melodies.

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