Description: A happy twist on this famous melody. A peppy cut time track that features steel pan drums, funky latin drumming, electric bass and electric piano. Good for e-greetings and cheering on that special person.

Description: Latin-inspired arrangement featuring ukulele, organ, marimba and percussion suggested to underscore care-free scenes of leisure.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, marimba, glockenspiel and non-pitched percussion play relaxed arrangement suggested for leisurely holiday scenes.

Description: An energetic Latin-inspired arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars combined with bass, percussion and subtle flutes.

Description: Upbeat tropical paradise theme, informeriical, travelogue

Description: Latin mood w/evocative melody, wistful, introspective

Description: Bouncy and cheerful Island Reggae music featuring electric guitar and synth bass.

Description: Romantic slow tempo beautiful Rumba style with guitars, strings,latin percussion

Description: latin vacation or celebration :30 second version