Description: Novelty, Specialty Small Orchestra, Piano, Hip Hop Tango, Humorous, Comedy, Sneaky, Girl Oos, Mandolin

Description: Piano plays sultry, flamenco-inspired melody accompanied by acoustic guitars, upright bass and Latin percussion. Suggested to underscore scenes of romance, courtship, espionage.

Description: An orchestrated tango featuring piano, strings, acoustic guitar, French horns and acoustic bass.

Description: A passionate tango with piano, acoustic bass, alto flute, vibes and acoustic guitar.

Description: Stylish and juicy tango composition with a light shade of retro that creates a unique atmosphere of romantic rendezvous, infatuation, candid dialog and lovely dancing

Description: A very ambiguous and sad reggae tinged tango with a humorous side featuring piano, vibes, acoustic bass, drums and acoustic guitar.

Description: A sad and melancholic tango with piano, oboe,acoustic guitar, baby bass, cello, marimba and Flamenco guitar taps.

Description: A dramatic tango that morphs into a sexy mambo Latin groove. It pulls you in by the heartstrings with piano, bass, guitar and percussion.

Description: A passionate and romantic bolero/tango with steel stringed guitar, nylon stringed guitar, acoustic bass, piano, drums and flute.

Description: A spirited and sexy Argentine tango in the style of Astor Piazzola with accordion, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitars, drums and acoustic bass.