Description: A very easy going and relaxed tango with a backbeat, the perfect soundtrack for an adventure featuring piano, guitar, bass, accordion, alto flute and drums.

Description: Light and breezy Flamenco guitar with a tango feel creates a happy and playful mood.

Description: A bright and smart tango with a question and answer melody featuring piano, bass, drums, percussio, bandoneon and guitar.

Description: Med Sexy, Groovy, Retro Strings, Bongos, Accordian, Piano

Description: Latin, Latin-Tango, Tango, Ethnic-Latin America, Ethnic, Ethnic-South America, Comedic, Ethnic, Fun, Happy, Humor, in a Fun, Exciting, Happy mood, featuring Synth, Drums, Piano, with a Fast tempo

Description: a slow and romantic tango with bandoneon, piano, guitar and bass.

Description: a jazzy tango with an odd instrumentation of piano, bass, guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Description: a lively traditional tango with bandoneon, bass, guitar, strings, mandolin, piano and guitar body taps.

Description: Latin, Latin-Tango, Tango, Ethnic, Festive, Fun, in a Energetic, Exciting, Fun, Happy mood, featuring Drums, Organ, Harpsichord, Synth, Accordion, with a Fast tempo

Description: a dramatic and suspenseful tango with bandoneon, piano, acoustic bass and acoustic guitar.