Description: Mambo electronic song. For commercials, presentations…

Description: Cinematic style tango reflecting the passion and enchantment of the ultimate dance of romance. Sensual music embracing love and desire in a sultry setting of intoxicating allure and irresistible temptation.

Description: Piano jazz dixie land honky tonk walking bass brushed drums simple fun light calm happy upbeat up tempo piano solo piano bar bar piano dixie piano scott joplin rag ragtime dixie piano solo old style jazz traditional jazz.

Description: Ballroom dancing cha cha fun sunny. Latin. Festive friendly. Piano brasses/horns world percussion steel drums. Holiday commercials/tv themes. Relax. Joyful.

Description: Hot, smooth & sultry Latin Samba - uptempo but full passion, very sexy, yet sophisticated and full of the flavour of South America & Brazil. Great for holiday travelogues, exotic, documentary & commercials. Features acoustic guitar ensemble, piano, double bass & latin percussion.

Description: Hot, steamy and fun Latin uptempo dance, in the style of 'Sex in the City'. Featuring Latin rhythm section, piano, trumpets. Main mix, 32 and 30sec versions

Description: Medium tempo rock cue with no soloing.

Description: Medium tempo rock cue with no soloing.

Description: Warm Flamenco acoustic guitar with a light drum loop groove create a relaxing mood depicting an exotic and romantic vacation scene.

Description: Optimistic, warm and light with melodic acoustic guitar and drum loops create a happy and bright mood.

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