Description: Uptempo, happy and catchy traditional Mexican Mariachi band. Full of sunshine with a hint of Jalapeno spice, this lively number takes you right into the heart of El Paso. Perfect for travel, commercials, TV and documentary. Features acoustic guitars and trumpet with light percussion- various mixes

Description: A slinky jazz track featuring a Latin groove under cool guitars and piano.

Description: A happy jazz track with Latin influences featuring trumpet, guitar and piano.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion combine for a laid-back, Latin-inspired arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of leisure, vacation sequences.

Description: Medium tempo rock cue with no soloing.

Description: Medium tempo rock cue with no soloing.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, marimba, glockenspiel and non-pitched percussion play relaxed arrangement suggested for leisurely holiday scenes.

Description: An energetic Latin-inspired arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars combined with bass, percussion and subtle flutes.

Description: Latin-inspired guitars, bass, organ, piano and percussion play simple, laid-back instrumental arrangement suggested to underscore scenes depicting leisure.

Description: This song is a merengue tune played with marimba, steel drums, vibraphone, drums, and Latin percussion. A great choice if you want to add some tropical flair to your project.

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