Description: A smooth and sophisticated jazz bossa featuring REAL instruments. A electric guitar leads the ensemble. Perfect for TV, radio, lead ins or for corporate backgrounds, or for just relaxing and enjoying a good listen.

Description: Happy island music, featuring steel drums, upbeat percussion, bass and uke melody. Relax in the sun and sand

Description: A grooving latin pop tune. Full band--guitar, keys, bass, drums, vocals.

Description: A happy twist on this famous melody. A peppy cut time track that features steel pan drums, funky latin drumming, electric bass and electric piano. Good for e-greetings and cheering on that special person.

Description: A happy energized calypso tune which includes Caribbean Steel Drums, african marimba, acoustic bass and a wide variety of latin percussion.

Description: Optimistic jazzy bossa nova featuring vibraphone and wood flute that trade phrases supported by solid percussion section, strong bass line and piano that are tightly fitted together. Nice salsa not too spicy and very flavorful. Useful for tropical scenes, beer commercials, vacation ads, or holiday trips

Description: Fast spicy hot latin funky rock track with a heavy catchy blues oriented riff played by lead guitar and electric bass that breaks out into a contrasting sweet jazzy middle chorus featuring flute and electric piano. There's a spacey breakdown section towards the finale that builds to a tight ending.

Description: A warm gentle and breezy track tropical and grooving. Features Caribbean Steel Drums, African Kalimba, tin flute, and a wide variety of island percussion, which gives this melodic piece a delicious vibe. Useful for dancing, dinner music, vacation advertisements, latin media projects, and radio spots

Description: Sultry, sensuous, lounge bossa nova blend track with a lush and lusty guitar lead, deep and rich bass and spacious and jazzy piano harmonies and light tasteful percussion: bongos, clave, and shakers. Useful music background for a wide range of scenes from the exotic locales to fine restaurants etc.

Description: A silky smooth upbeat and energetic samba groove featuring hot latin percussion, cooking electric bass, and a cool luxurious improvised synthesizer lead over a bed of electric piano and voice pads. Useful for travel, vacation ads, beach party scenes, street carnival or hip jazz concert, tv film web

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