Description: Mambo electronic song. For commercials, presentations…

Description: Cinematic style tango reflecting the passion and enchantment of the ultimate dance of romance. Sensual music embracing love and desire in a sultry setting of intoxicating allure and irresistible temptation.

Description: Ballroom dancing cha cha fun sunny. Latin. Festive friendly. Piano brasses/horns world percussion steel drums. Holiday commercials/tv themes. Relax. Joyful.

Description: Medium tempo rock cue with no soloing.

Description: Medium tempo rock cue with no soloing.

Description: Warm Flamenco acoustic guitar with a light drum loop groove create a relaxing mood depicting an exotic and romantic vacation scene.

Description: Optimistic, warm and light with melodic acoustic guitar and drum loops create a happy and bright mood.

Description: A bright fast paced powerful pop dance track with a latin flavor. This exciting tune features both male and female vocal shouts, and chants, a full brass section, electronic instruments, full cooking percussion combos, and cool effects. Nice quick paced music for broadcast, video, tv, film, adverts

Description: Warm and mysterious introduction leading to a heavy drum loop beat at 0:25 creating a mood of seduction.

Description: Traditional powerful flamenco song with acoustic guitar, hand claps, and percussion.

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