Description: a hauntingly memorable guitar motive is featured in this angst-ridden rock ballad...

Description: A cool and Nu Metal style heavy rock track - a great soundalike track for Rage Against the Machine. Other mixes and edits available, including full, alternate, stinger, 60 seconds, 30 seconds and 15 seconds.A rocking music track with rock guitars, heavy rock drums and thumping rock bass lines. Heavy, loud, aggressive and hard, this rock track is great for youth culture, modern adverts, commercials, reality TV and much more.

Description: Street Rock 1985 is fun,upbeat, and care free with an indie pop rock style sound. The track works wonders with modern adverts, commercials, infomercials, trailers, app style promo videos, corporate videos and much more. It's fresh, upbeat, uptempo, exciting, playful, and most importantly, designed to capture your audience's attension - use the power of music with your product of video!

Description: An instrumental original but typical 80’s rock intro in the tradition of Bon Jovi’s “I'd Die For You,” Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger,” Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen,” Journey’s “Ask the Lonely,” etc.