Description: Travel the world with this extraordinary fusion of folkloric instruments with electric guitar and feel like flying over a fascinating river.

Description: Steady Rock/Pop tempo song with an 80's style bass with acoustic strings and rock guitars. This song is about a guy that does everything wrong and nothing goes well in his life. But suddenly out of the nothing she appears with those blue eyes and he sees her and only then every is clear, he knows what he has to do and that his destiny will be just fine.

Description: Moderate^Fast tempo Pop/Rock song A breakup song with a Coldplay drumstyle chorus

Description: Moderate Tempo Funk Pop. It's about a Casanova or a „Don Juan“ (A man whose only objective is to conquer a girl). The song compares him to an eagle in the search for its prey. Mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation and smooth Spanish vocals.

Description: Fast tempo Rock/Pop with acoustic and electric guitar mix. A song that talks about a person that now lives far away from his/her love and he misses her/him. No matter how many good things that big journey has given to him he still thinks that she/he is more important.