Description: latino pop song with uplifting chorus.

Description: Relax and take your time, there's no hurry, featuring piano, guitar, electric piano, bass and percussion.

Description: A fun and eccentric tune with a cute melody and very moving and interesting accompaniment featuring acoustic guitar, electric piano, piano, acoustic bass, marimba and steel drum.

Description: Latin-Tinged upbeat romp through a standard hymn.

Description: variation of my other track Turn Left without percussion

Description: Fast Fun, Upbeat, Quirky Organ, Guitars, Drums Trailer Theme

Description: A bouncy and luscious mid tempo latin pop groove track that features a spanish acoustic guitar melody, a full brass section, a flute, bass, drums. The music glides us along through various sections keeping the mood fun and optimistic. Useful track for film, tv, themes, cinematic sections, media.

Description: a very determined and agressive bolero/tango hybrid with piano, electric piano,bass, guitar, drums and percussion.