Description: Latin-Tinged upbeat romp through a standard hymn.

Description: A smooth latin lounge theme with chill-out vibes and luxurious melodies, perfect to help you hand over to your viewer exotic vibrant images of a lifestyle that is cool smooth and sexy.

Description: An instrumental hip hop/dance track that contains elements of Latin American Music. The track blends modern synthetic sounds and beats with brass instruments and traditional percussion.

Description: catchy, hooky pop rock song with electric guitar, bass, drums.

Description: Bass, organ and percussion build to accompany relaxed acoustic guitar progression. Suggested for leisure scenes, vacation montages, restful images

Description: Acoustic guitar, marimba, upright bass, congas, bongos, maracas and guira combine for simple upbeat latin-flavoured ambiance.

Description: Hi energy Latin Pop track with driving beat and catchy synths

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