Description: Happy energetic guitar melody, played in thirds with acoustic and electric guitars over a groovy danceable songo beat with lots of latin percussion, piano and a light brass section. Perfect instrumental background music for travel and fashion related videos and presentations that need a positive energetic exotic atmosphere.

Description: Beautiful romantic Latin/Brazilian Easy Listening track that features Guitar, Flute and Electric Piano. Music that touches the soul with warm rhythms and flowing counter melodies this track offers an array of applications. Dramatic, In-store usage, Film and Television, Dance, Commercial, Corporate.

Description: Fits for many projects like tv,movies,documentary,corporate

Description: Easy listening Latin Bossa Nova lounge track features nylon guitar along with beautiful flute accompaniment atop an array of electric piano harmonic cohesion. Multi purpose track, Latin, Romantic Drama, Romantic Comedy, Corporate Commercial In Store, Outdoor Cafe Cable Programming. Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova

Description: The montuno rhythm leads this piece, with the trumpet making the rhythmical melody. Danceable and determined.

Description: The latin rhythm in this piece begins with guaguanco on piano and upright bass with the saxophone taking a kindly melody to flow into a dynamic mambo rock that ends to hand over the guaguanco in a crescendo way till the final. Very expressive.

Description: A fun and colorful Latin pop with piano, harmonica, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A fun and colorful Latin pop with electric piano, flute, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A funky songo is the core of this determined role, full of revitalizer dynamic.

Description: An orchestrated tango featuring piano, strings, acoustic guitar, French horns and acoustic bass.