Description: This song is an instrumental Latin jazz tune in the Bossa Nova style, featuring electric piano, vibes, and a full Latin percussion section.

Description: A cool Latin Dance cue great for any media.

Description: Bright and warm with a breezy latin feel featuring flamenco guitar and light ethnic percussion create a carefree mood.

Description: Carnival music takes on a fun and innocent side in this piece making it great for games or audiences of all ages. Use it as theme music for a game taking place in the jungle or for a video during carnival season or just as a fun background. Either way it will carry the feel and emotion needed to get the listener excited and feeling like it is carnival season in the jungle.

Description: Bossa Nova style of background music

Description: Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Aggressive, Dark, Intense, Menacing, Marilyn Manson, Danger, Chase, Devious, Treacherous, Secret, Covert, Shady, Shadowy, Mystery, Drama, Tension, Haunting

Description: Upbeat and energetic with a mixture of latin and funk rhythms featuring jazzy brass and woodwinds.