Description: Late sixties style Bossa Nova of the Brazilian flavor with airy background voices to capture distants. Electric piano lays down a simple but effect melody accompanied by right hand chordal voice leading joined also by small rhythm combo. Office and retail music, Travel get aways, Dining venues.

Description: Refreshing and relaxing Bossa Nova that's easy and breeze like a windy summer day. Nice Nylon guitar melody opens with a brief statement follow by a lyrical flute passage. Dancing with a Brazilian flavor this is a wonderful Commercial, Corporate Travel Vacation TV Advertising musical tool.

Description: Romantic Dramatic latin lounge track for the Easy Listening audience be in the office, Be it, In store, on hold, dining this is a calm and relaxing feel good emotional track. Electric piano leads echos the Jobim style of the sixties Brazil combined with the modern Sax of Grover Washington

Description: Determined driving latin track with positive conviction and Dramatic overtones. Energetic progressive percussion back a lyrical Vibraphone lead melody and subtle electric piano and bass line merge to creates beautiful New Age Latin/Brazilian musical stew. Film Tv, Chase Scene, Latin Club, Latin Jazz, Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr

Description: Brazilian bossa nova easy listening Latin track which features Nylon string guitar and flute melody, accompanied by rich electric piano chord voicings, Double Bass light drums and percussion. Romantic Dramatic endeavor, Corporate Commercial In-store Cafe, Weather Channel Cable background music. Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova

Description: Very romantic Latin Bossa Nova easy listening track inspired by a very beautiful woman a saw on the bus in Los Angeles. Silky sting lines accompany legato guitars passages and harmonic electric piano and melodic flute. Dramatic and exotic music for Film & TV, Fashion and Design, Internet Radio. Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova

Description: Beautiful romantic Latin/Brazilian Easy Listening track that features Guitar, Flute and Electric Piano. Music that touches the soul with warm rhythms and flowing counter melodies this track offers an array of applications. Dramatic, In-store usage, Film and Television, Dance, Commercial, Corporate.

Description: Easy listening Latin Bossa Nova lounge track features nylon guitar along with beautiful flute accompaniment atop an array of electric piano harmonic cohesion. Multi purpose track, Latin, Romantic Drama, Romantic Comedy, Corporate Commercial In Store, Outdoor Cafe Cable Programming. Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova

Description: Carefree easy going Latin Tropical track for positive and successful television radio and internet advertising campaigns. Soulful flute, bongos, Acoustic Bass and light and relaxed synth line is a you need for your Travel, Insurance, Leisure Spa and Relaxation Promotions.

Description: Laid back tropical island music with relaxing syncopated rhythm that eases the mind and creates visions of beautiful beaches crystal clear blue water and friendly people enjoying the sun. Light piano, Bass, Marimba, Trumpet complete the ensemble. Retail, Travel, In-Store, Corporate, Film and TV