Description: Straight four latin beat reminiscent of the sixties latin craze in the pop jazz genre, This track features vary light guitar work being to mind Wes Montgomery or Charlie Byrd. Romantic lounge Brazilian flavored instrumental In Store Retail Commercial, Television Cable Programming.

Description: Romantic Brazilian Bossa Nova from the Jobim style featuring melodic electric piano vibes, Double Bass, percussion, Flugel Horn and Strings. This versatile instrumental lends itself to various musical settings. Background in-store, Cable Entertainment Film and Television, Commercial internet radio. Instrumental, Brazilian Music, Bossa Nova

Description: Medium up tempo latin samba featuring nylon string guitar accompanied by double bass electric piano beautifully played flute drums and percussion. Modern Brazilian Samba for festive party live events or projects. Great for travel commercial projects instore music and lounge, cafe.

Description: Intense cop drama, Film and Television suspense modern jazzy latin leading man or women stalking the bad guy music. Works well with extreme sports, military heroic scenes, Latin Jazz club scenes. Beautiful muted trumpet and crystal clear electric piano are featured instrumentation. Hot, Instrumental, Jazz Music, Latin Jazz

Description: Vibraphone and Trumpet exchange unison and counter melodies in this charming bossa nova, Harmony is stretched with augmented chords for a modern Jazz Feel. Great background Film, Television, soundscape or relaxing at an outdoor cafe in Santa Monica, watching seagulls in Rio or mellow Sao Paulo club, Instrumental, Brazilian, Bossa Nova

Description: Lighthearted and uptempo this Brazilian Samba floats like an ocean breeze on a warm summers day. With acoutic piano playing the main melody and flute countering the rhythm sizzles underneath as strings weave in and out of the structure. A sure hit for Spanish Language TV, Radio or Cusine. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Radio & Multimedia Production Elements

Description: Smooth and Silky latin guitar melody countered by a beautiful horn and synth arrangement and catchy bossa rhythym. Summertime fun, Sexy, Playful, innocent, youthful, beach music. Music for Travel agency ad, Car commercial, or even a used for Casino Adv. Versatile Track. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Latin Jazz

Description: Relaxing Tropical Rock grove with a catchy smooth beat and nice Guitar Solo at the end of the piece to add to the kick back and soak up the sun by the beachor relaxing on the water as the sunsets beyond the horizon. Get away music, Tropical vacation or cruise. Travel Channel or Sidewalk Cafe. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Pop Easy Listening Music

Description: Latin Pop instrumental featuring piano which has a very friendly South of the Boarder vibe. Outdoor Dining, Vacations in the Sun, Tropical Drinks at the beach. Dancing catchy melody and rhythm. Great accompany track for restaurant offering Mexican Cuisine. Happy, Uplifting, Festive and Traditional, Instrumental, Tropical Latin Music, Tropical Pop

Description: Music representing the period of the Spanish explorations to the New World (Mexico and Peru) the journey across the vast ocean and what they found waiting for them when they arrived. Brave and Ambishious orchestration Features Flugel and Trumpet Horns. Documentaries, Film and TV and Commercials, Instrumental, Latin Music, Dramatic Latin Instrumentals