Description: Caribbean Carnival - Latin. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Cocktail, Feel Good, Flowing, Happy, Laid Back, Leisure, Mellow, Peaceful, Positive, Relaxed, Romantic, Smooth, Soft, Elongated, in a Happy, Positive, Romantic mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Bongos, Guitar, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo

Description: Merengue time! Upbeat hot spicey song. Perfect for advert or commercial. Latin party, fashion, travel channel, dance lessons, flirtatious, fun and joyful. Brass section percussion bass and piano. Boy meets girl, party starts. A suggestive, hot and humorous piece. Very street but very clean. Instrumental, Tropical Music, Merengue

Description: Laid back groovy reggaeton track. Cool mon!

Description: A really cool Latin piece....Written for Trumpet and Classical Guitar....I even played the real cabasas in this one :)

Description: strong, determined, positive, confident, wind, flute, percussion, congas

Description: Festive Spiritual Happy Positive

Description: Entertainment, Latin, Motion, Action, Adventure, Nightclub, Dancing, Celebrity, Oscar, Grammy, Party Star, Actors, Motion, drums, bass, percussion