Description: brazilian berimbau and flute relaxed sunny groove.

Description: This song is a merengue tune played with marimba, steel drums, vibraphone, drums, and Latin percussion. A great choice if you want to add some tropical flair to your project.

Description: Electric guitars, bass, drums, organ and percussion combine for laid-back, leisurely groove in A/B pattern.

Description: Active Hi Energy Wordly Fun Festive Feel Good Percussive

Description: Uplifting Explosive Big Brilliant Exciting Fun Powerful

Description: This is a happy modern track with electro pop infused sounds that follows a sincopated beat for a danceable background experience. Unique track for your projects.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion combine in 100 second loop for a laid-back, Latin-inspired arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of leisure.

Description: A smooth latin lounge theme with chill-out vibes and luxurious melodies, perfect to help you hand over to your viewer exotic vibrant images of a lifestyle that is cool smooth and sexy. *This is the loop version